Together against
child exploitation​

The Children in the Pictures is proudly partnered and allied with a number of organisations whose mission, vision and expertise will be crucial in our fight against online sexual exploitation of children.

Donating to our campaign means your gift will go to multiple charities working in this sector to ensure we tackle this issue from all fronts.

Major Partners

The Children in the Pictures is proud to partner with these incredible organisations.


International Justice Mission has a solid history of getting results. A wealth of experience in driving legislative change in Australia and overseas, and with literal ‘boots on the ground’ missions in child sexual abuse hotspots like The Philippines, International Justice Missions has been instrumental in saving children from their abusers for years.

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Australian Childhood Foundation

Australian Childhood Foundation is dedicated to restoring children who have suffered abuse, through teams that work with children, families, carers and professionals to provide a safer, more loving environment for them to heal and live their best lives.

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Australian Centre to Counter Child Exploitation

IJM is local partner on the ground is supporting families displaced within Afghanistan and refugees arriving over the border in Pakistan. They are providing lifesaving humanitarian assistance to displaced families through health care, food and clean water, sanitation, and other essential services. In Pakistan, they are distributing immediate food relief and other essential items, as well as cash assistance, to thousands of refugee households – giving priority to women, children and people living with a disability.

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We are also proud to Ally with many other incredible organisations.