In the Media

Media coverage of The Children in the Pictures

The Project

“They trust the offender online more than they trust their families.” Lisa Wilkinson sits down with Jon Rouse to understand how children are being groomed and sextorted via social media.

The 7:30 Report

“You feel like you need a shower afterwards.” What does it take to infiltrate dark web networks, and rescue thousands of children from their abusers?


“Police warn a growing number of kids are being abused... ...while their parents are at home.” An interview with the heroes of The Children in the Pictures, Task Force Argos.

SMH & The Age

Inside the filmmakers (successful!) battle to overturn censorship of The Children in the Pictures: “the aim of the project was to help youngsters in year 9 and above understand the risks they face online”

The Courier Mail

A discussion of The Children in the Pictures. “The film also delves into how Facebook and Google have prioritised privacy over child safety”

ABC Radio Brisbane

An interview with Detective Inspector Jon Rouse and director Akhim Dev, who talk about the importance of breaking the silence around online child sexual abuse and tackling this issue as a community.

The Weekend Australian – Review

A five-star review from Stephen Romei of The Children in the Pictures,  “an Australian documentary about online child sexual abuse that is hard to watch, and should be watched by everyone.”

Radio National – Sunday Extra

Julian Morrow talks to Detective Inspector Jon Rouse and director Akhim Dev about how a specialist unit of Queensland Police ended up running one of the world’s largest child sex abuse websites. 

10 News First

“The latest iteration is to find and groom children online… ...And make them perform horric acts of sexual abuse on themselves.” Director Akhim Dev talks about the role Facebook plays in the online sexual abuse of children.


“Film activism has always been a powerful tool to raise awareness across social, environmental and political concerns. “ An interview with Akhim Dev and director/producer Simon Nasht on the challenges and importance of making The Children in the Pictures.

Life and Crimes with Andrew Rule

Journalist and crime reporter Andrew Rule leads this gripping two-part podcast, interviewing Detective Inspector Jon Rouse about the heroic efforts to save the children in the pictures.

Sunday Herald Sun & The Chronicle

“One reason that child abuse has become deeply entrenched online... that no one wants to know about it.” An insightful longform article about the incredible untold stories surrounding The Children in the Pictures.

The Big Smoke

Derryn Hinch writes on the film: "As we witness the spread of child exploitation, I have discovered that language counts. And calling it ‘child porn’ is part of the problem."

Child Trafficking documentary interview with director Simon Nasht

Trish Jenkins interviews Director Simon Nasht on her Shift and Lift Mindset channel. They discuss and thank the many wonderful organisations working to stop child exploitation  as well as the responsibility of social media platforms. 

ABC Radio National – Breakfast with Fran Kelly

“We’ve got a crime scene but… we don’t know where that crime scene is.” 

City Hub

“With 12 million children going online for the first time in 2020, Task Force Argos is now calling on all of us to help keep them safe.” A review from Sydney paper City Hub.

ABC News

"Now, the trend that we're seeing is children or young people are making their own child exploitation material". A nuanced deep-dive inside Task Force Argos, the heroes on the frontline of this rapidly growing crime.